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New proposal for a College of Audiology – join the discussion

15 February 2019

A joint Statement launched today (19th of Feb) from BAA, BSA, BSHAA and the NCHA proposes setting up a College of Audiology so as to achieve a more powerful voice for the Audiology profession. They state that;

"We believe that a College of Audiology, which, with time, might become a Royal College, would help us achieve a powerful voice to bring positive influence to the issues that matter most to audiologists and the populations they serve. For example, a College of Audiology would convey the respect and scientific, professional authority that is needed for audiology to promote the strength of the evidence linking hearing ability to the quality of life, and the prospects for productive and healthy ageing."

They went onto to say;

"To succeed, a College would need the backing of the profession.  The current aim of the four bodies therefore is to work closely together and through their memberships and other stakeholders explore whether a College can become a viable option to enhance the status of the profession, the vital services we provide and the needs of the patients, clients and individuals - including those who do not currently seek care - whom we ultimately serve."

The four organisations are seeking views from anyone in the professions or sector on how to take this forward. You can join the discussion by completing a short questionnaire

More detail can be found at


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